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Welcome to 'the lull'.

The lull that is the new transitioning world. Does anyone else feel like they are either stuck in, or just emerging from 'the state of in-between?" You know. The place. Not here, nor there. You've departed, but you don't necessarily recognize the direction you're heading. But you are somewhere. You're in 'the lull.' Welcome! We have jackets. Snacks too.


lull noun 1: a temporary pause or decline in activity // the early-morning lull in urban noise: such as

a: a temporary drop in business activity

b: a temporary calm before or during a storm


We're all on this new ship, riding the waves of this storm that doesn't seem to end; but it will. They always do.

Maybe it's a creative coping mechanism, but I imagine the lull as this fluffy pink cloud, almost like cotton candy. It's beautiful to look at, it's delicious, it's mysterious, it lures you in, but have too much of it and you'll get a stomach ache. Hellllloooooo caffeine. Anyway.

Is anyone else feeling caught between "I shouldn't start this new thing because it seems like a bad time" and "I should start this new thing because who knows when the next right time will be." Yes? No? Just me? Okay. This has honestly been the story of my life during the pandemic. I'm a do'er. A go-getter. And... a procrastinator. I'm used to thinking, and acting. These past two years.. it's been a lot of.. thinking.. and some more thinking, with a smidge of acting.

Is there anything you're wanting to do but are putting it off? You're either procrastinating, or are in the thinking phase? Welcome - you're in the lull! It could be something as big as going back to school or as small as painting that wall in the basement. Some advice from someone who's already here? Just go with it. If you're a planner like myself, it can bring comfort to plan, dream, believe, think, admire, and inspire. Just wait until the time feels right, then do the thing!

You'll know when the time is right. Until then, welcome to the lull.

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