This morning felt a little overwhelming, but I'm feeling better. Where did February go? It seems to have flown by.. anyone else? There’s lots on the horizon for Naltara in the month of March, but I’d like to do a little #FebruaryFlashback.

Here are some things that happened for #Naltara this month.

  • I hosted my very first Zoom Webinar.

  • I was finally able to deliver a huge project to a client that has been 4 months in the making. I am so proud of it!

  • I networked, reconnected, made new friends, and met many new faces virtually.

  • Took time to rest, relax, and explore our beautiful province resulting in a refreshed mindset and business perspective.

  • I crossed off a few major action items on my ‘now or never’ list. Some of these are a secret for a little bit longer..

  • I continued to add, grow, and modify the Naltara website through design layout and content addition.

  • I’ve been continuing blogging and am really enjoying it.

You know, I can guarantee you that you’re accomplishing more than you believe to be. Write it down! Reflect. In writing down and reflecting on the past month and looking back on my agenda and planner.. I have done WAY more than I thought I have. Now this isn’t to say that’s it’s about quantity over quality. It’s both - focus on what works for you.

What brings you more gratification?

Accomplishing 10 small tasks or 5 larger ones?

There is no right or wrong answer, everyone is different. And as my favourite saying goes, you do you.

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