Don't Take It Personally

"Don't take it personally." I can't tell you how many times in my career and education I have heard this phrase. #DontTakeItPersonally - Are you kidding? Is that a joke? Okay I promise I'm not getting flustered or red faced writing this..

*eye roll*.

Here's where the energy is coming from.

Recently I decided to start putting more of a physical identity to who I am. The voice, the design, and the energy behind Naltara. - Me, Desiree. When I started NALTARA Design Studio many years ago fresh out of University I wanted a name of a business that I could relate too but nothing TOO personal as "Desiree Rantala Design." I didn't want that.. so that's how #Naltara was born. NALTARA is an anagram for my last name, RANTALA. It was the perfect way to have some personal association without plastering my name everywhere.

When you're passionate about something.. it shows. Personally, professionally, everywhere - I've found that for me it does. It may not for you, that's okay. When I was in school I heard it almost every single day during a studio review or project critique. "Don't take it personally, but.." - Ugh. This phrase rings differently for me now. I guess for so many years both in school and in the workplace I had it drilled into my head to not take it personal and separate the two.. I think this is where my reluctancy in being "too visible" in sharing my identity with my business has come. It's been easier to be a silent voice in the background. Not anymore.

Now, when you log onto or visit my social media feeds, you will see my face, somewhere in some form! Why? Because this is my #passion and my brand is my baby!

As of right now, I am a solopreneur. What does that mean?

You're reading a social media post? I wrote that.

You're looking at a photograph on my site? I took that.

You're viewing a graphic on my instagram? I made that.

Checking out my new website? I designed that.

So, don't tell me this isn't personal - it most certainly is. It's taken many years, but to me it's important that people know who they are talking and working with, and to be reminded that there is a real person behind the biz.

Well, the years of taking it personally are behind me. It is personal, and I'm okay with that. In respect of being more open and forward about my identity, my face and who I am, I will be launching a "hey i'm des" series, so people know more about me and my brand.

Yes I strive to be professional because my clients deserve that, but I also strive to provide personal service. We're all human. I see you.

Can't make a meeting because you're having anxiety? I get you.

Need to terminate our contract because paying bills is tight? I get you.

Cutting our Zoom call short because you need to feed your children? I get you.

I get you, and in the effort of being transparent, I hope you will learn to get me too.


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