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An Intimidation Intervention - You Might Need One.

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Every Friday I post a Q+A and today's weekly #AskNaltara is a common one - but as always, I'm here for it!

This post comes after spending more time than I have in the past engaging with other womxn entrepreneurs. Both digitally and physically, in a safe manner. The networking has been unbelievable, but that is a post for another day. Today, we're gettin' down to the nitty-gritty.

Let's dive in shall we.


"Do you feel intimidated by other womxn entrepreneurs?"

Of course! Who hasn't? I think it would be unhealthy if you never did. I used too, and I still do - it fluctuates, but the frequency has diminished. I answer this question in both past and present tense. I've learnt that #Intimidation goes hand in hand with #SelfConfidence - the struggle is real. It wasn't until I realized that the intimidation I used to feel ever so regularly was really playing in the hands of my debilitating #Anxiety.

What did I need? I needed an #IntimidationIntervention - and you might need one too!


They say it takes a village to raise a child, and rightfully so. But it also takes a #Community of like minded individuals to instil #Innovation into the workforce. This is where you come in. I needed to sit down with my intimidation and face it one-on-one in a self-reflection intervention. Sounds fun right? Not.

Intimidation doesn't take you out on a nice first date, treat you to coffee or introduce itself. Intimidation just shows up on your doorstep and invites itself in. Door open or not, you've got a B&E on your hand. But, how can we use this for the positive? There's hope! Bare with me.

We apply feelings of intimidation outwards, externally, and onto another person. You might find yourself with thoughts such as:

- They're loud.

- They have their sh*t together.

- Their photos look better than mine.

- Their business revenue grows fast.

But what you might actually be thinking..

- They're loud. - They are an articulate and clear communicator.

- They have their sh*t together. - They have strong organizational skills.

- Their photos look better than mine. - They've really practiced their passion.

- Their business revenue grows fast. - They must have a great business plan.


If I'm being transparent, take these bouts of #Competition and turn it into #Courage. We all want this, we all want that. Well guess what? You CAN have this, and you CAN have that.

If I asked you to name womxn powerhouses that you know and admire, it would be easy, right? But would you be surprised to learn that they most likely think the exact same thing, about you?

Learn from other womxn. We are meant to be united in community and we are here to cheer each other on. So yes, I used to feel extremely intimidated by other womxn entrepreneurs. But these are individuals that I aspire to be like! Be bold and be brave!

Don't look the other way - lean in and learn. Who knows, this may just be the perfect time for an Intimidation Intervention.

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