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5 Tips To Capture Creativity While Working From Home


Over one year ago, no one foreseen the world shutting down with a majority of the population being forced to work from home. People flunked and people flourished. For a creative such as myself, it was beyond challenging. Working in communications and marketing, new methods of collaboration and communication had to be developed to sustain work flow. Aside from that, my creative energy took a major hit. My work ethic went from sustaining to surviving. So after working from home for a year and a half, here are the top 5 tips I used to capture creativity while working from home.


1.Go for a WALK

Breathe in some fresh (not too smokey) air. Put one foot in front of the other and go explore your neighbourhood. Try to be mindful of your surroundings. See the trees moving, look at some cute dogs out for a walk, smell some bbq.. and don't forget your water bottle! Getting outside for some fresh air is the best thing you can do to strengthen your mental health.

2.Try a New MEDIUM

Are you a painter? Are you a maker? Maybe you're a digital nomad? This is your chance to try something new! Exchange those knitting needles for a paint brush, or change up your mousepad for classic pen and paper! You've always wanted to try pottery.. now's your chance.

3.CONNECT with a friend

Chicken soup is good for the soul.. and so are friends! Reach out to a friend and fill each others cups. There is no better time than now to reach out and connect. Make a commitment to staying in touch and turn that one day into day one! I promise you will feel fuelled and full of new ideas.

4.REACH OUT to an entrepreneur

Jealousy can be toxic. Go from feeling jealous to jazzed ! Think of a few businesses or entrepreneurs that you admire or aspire to be like.. why is that? Are their newsletters on point? Do they do a good job at posting to social media? Reach out and ask them how they do what they do! I can guarantee you they will be flattered and more than happy to answer your questions. Learn and listen.

5.Listen to a PODCAST

The radio is nice, and so is Netflix, but there's nothing like listening to a great podcast full of perspective, real life, and all around great conversation. Try it out! There are a few great podcast platforms to choose from. Start by searching your area of interest and it may take a few episodes on a few different channels to find the right podcast for you.


5 great tips.. 5 work days.. make a week of it! Make a commitment to try a new tip from Monday to Friday and give yourself a week to creatively recharge.


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