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values + vision

June is Pride Month and I am taking the time to learn and listen. I am taking the time to understand what Pride means to Naltara. As a designer, friend, family member, business owner, Manitoban, and Canadian citizen, what can I do to support and create safer spaces? As an LGBTQ+ Ally, Naltara promises to be an advocate and honors this statement by adding inclusivity into its Values + Vision. I commit to continually educating myself and those around me on how I and Naltara can best contribute to the love and equality of the LGBTQ+ community.

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merchandise + donated proceeds

In honour of Pride month, Naltara has designed two #HavePrideAndBePrideProud logos! 50% of proceeds for this campaign will be donated to Winnipeg's Rainbow Resource Centre. Items available at this time include white T-Shirts + Masks. All items are $20 and include shipping, taxes, and handling.

Pick-Up in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

$5 Delivery Available.

*Order arrival & pick-ups will be notified via email*

Order Deadline: Monday, June 14th 12 noon CST

Order ETA: End of June

Order Must Include


Item: Mask/T-Shirt/Tote

Sizing: Toddler/Youth/Adult

With/Without Words

All payments paid via e-transfer and full payment required upon order confirmation prior to order placement.


Toddler, youth, adult unisex sizing available.

Colors: Black, Navy, Dark Gray, Light Gray, White.




washable masks


eco-friendly tote bags

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