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Assiniboine Community College 


An interview by Surien Fourie in 2017 for Assiniboine Community College, Continuing Studies.

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A new face is joining the Parkland

Continuing Studies team this winter.

Desiree Rantala has a background in interior design and architecture. She graduated from the University of Manitoba's Faculty of Architecture, where she gained a variety of design based skills.

"I've always had a strong interest in creativity throughout my childhood but I never knew what I would end up doing with it or how it would be applied to my future." said Desiree. "Little did I know I would end up immersing myself entirely in this field. Never had I thought to pursue design academically, as I figured this was something that came naturally."

Desiree will be teaching in two areas at the college's parkland Campus. The Mature Student High Program and the Centre of Continuing Studies.

With Continuing Studies, she hopes to offer a variety of workshops on the topics of design, and professional and personal development. Some title include: How to Stress Less, Problem Solving, and Speaking with Confidence. "All essential tools to succeed professionally and personally," said Desiree.

She plans to host a workshop titled Ask a Designer where the public will have the opportunity to have a private Q & A with her.

Education is an engrained part of her life.

"The world of education is a network, a network of communication, innovation, and collaboration," said Desiree. "We listen, learn, live, and share information which enhances and challenges our curiosity for knowledge."

"I am a huge believer in always

say yes to opportunity."

Desiree Rantala

She's excited to share what she's learned with others. "Through positive and negative experiences of my own, I want to improve the student learning practice to ensure a safe, enriched, and explorative environment for everyone," said Desiree. She is looking forward to meeting new people and seeing new faces.

Desiree looks forward to becoming more involved in the Parkland region.

She recently opened a design studio in Dauphin, which specializes in residential and commercial interior design, graphic design, advertising, and commercial photography. "NALTARA Design Studio is a one-stop shop for design where everything comes together." said Desiree.

"I am a huge believer in always saying 'yes' to opportunity, and I believe that is how I have gotten to where I am today."

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