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Honey Darling Mock
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MEOW_8.5x11 Landscape
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Sunshine Mock2
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She Believed She Could_8.5x11 Landscape
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I am Not A Woman I'm A God Mock
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Best Friend_8.5x11 Landscape
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Home Is Where The Heart Is Mock
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Be Fearless Mock
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Desiree aims to carefully craft and create meaningful pieces of design that inspire, motivate, and recharge.

​Through branding, photography, graphic design, interior design, and education, she helps ideas grow, 

translating possibilities into polished products.


As a multidisciplinary designer Desiree is one of a kind,

from embracing graphic design to interior design.

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Desiree is a multi-disciplinary designer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. With over ten years of combined education and professional design experience, she is the owner of Naltara Design Studio. Naltara is a multi-faceted design agency that focuses on helping Manitobans grow their ideas through all aspects of design. 


Proud to be from the prairies, Desiree has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design, specializing in Interior Design from the University of Manitoba.

Desiree Rantala, B.Envd

Owner, Designer

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breathe fresh design